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What Are the Advantages of Nitrile Gloves?

Whether in daily work or daily life, disposable gloves have become an indispensable tool mainly because they are convenient to use and environmentally hygienic.

The protective properties of nitrile gloves

First of all, nitrile gloves have good protective effects against strong acids, alkalis, oils, and others. As a disposable glove, it has no smell, no harm, and low-sensitive technology is applied in production, which can reasonably reduce the occurrence of skin allergy problems in the use of disposable gloves. Nitrile gloves have good flexibility and touch, and there is no discomfort after wearing.

The raw materials of nitrile gloves

The reason for low sensitivity is that the raw material for this type of glove, nitrile rubber, is a generated material, unlike gloves made of pure natural vulcanized rubber, which contains proteins that can easily cause skin allergies, and cannot be used by many people who are allergic to rubber. And according to the continuous improvement of production and processing technology, nitrile gloves are softer and more in line with the skin of the hands, so wearing them will not harm normal hand operations. Nitrile gloves have good extensibility and high tensile strength, so they can be more in line with the hands and are not easily soft and limp after wearing, which also adds to the comfort of the hands.

The design of nitrile gloves

When designing and producing nitrile gloves, they are completely based on the gestures of the body. Moreover, they also have good cleaning and anti-static capabilities. Compared with traditional vulcanized rubber gloves, they can resist aging and can be used for a longer time. Nitrile gloves can have many advantages, especially in the application, they can be modified flexibly according to the shape of the hands, so that the gloves themselves can be more in line with the hands and make the hands less tired, which undoubtedly greatly increases the wearing comfort. In addition, its flexibility and elongation are also excellent, providing effective support during wearing, even if worn for a long time, it will not feel tight, which will not directly affect the normal blood circulation system of the hands.

In addition to the above-mentioned advantages, since the color of nitrile gloves is added during the production of raw materials, the gloves produced are less likely to fade in the production process.