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Selection and Correct Wearing Method of Disposable Kids Face Masks

For adults, children's faces should be smaller, so ordinary masks are not suitable for children to wear. Moreover, wearing a mask itself can be stuffy, and breathing may not be smooth, which is why many children are reluctant to wear masks. Children are also concerned about the appearance of masks and it is important to choose the color and style they like. Therefore, there are many factors to consider when choosing masks for children, and their requirements are higher.

How to choose the right disposable kids face mask for your child?

  • Regarding N95 masks, due to their strong airtightness, children lack the ability to behave properly, and wearing an N95 mask poses a risk of suffocation. Under normal circumstances, it is not advisable to use them for children. Cotton and gauze masks have poor barrier properties and are not recommended for children. You can choose an anti-spatter mask available in the market. Wearing a disposable kids face mask can greatly reduce the transmission of respiratory diseases, but it must be the right size and properly worn, otherwise it will not provide effective protection.

  • The size of the mask should be suitable. You must choose the right mask based on the child's age, size, and face shape.

  • The method of wearing the mask should be correct. When wearing the mask with a nose clip, the clip should be on top. The mask must completely cover the nose, mouth, and chin, and be tightly fitted to the face. After wearing the mask, use both hands to press the nose clip on both sides of the bridge of the nose to ensure a tight fit with the skin and no air leaks.

  • Observe the child's condition at all times. Wearing a mask may affect the child's breathing, so be sure to watch and adjust it constantly.

  • Pay attention to changing masks. The inside and outside of the disposable kids face mask cannot be used interchangeably. After wearing the mask, the outside will accumulate a lot of dust and bacteria, while the inside will block exhaled bacteria and saliva. Therefore, the two sides of the mask should not be used interchangeably. When taking off the mask, be sure to fold and protect the inside, then discard it and wash your hands immediately.

The correct way to wear a disposable kids face mask

Ordinary surgical masks have three layers. The outer green layer has a waterproof function. The middle layer is a filter, which can filter out pathogens. The inner white layer has no special function and mainly supports the structure of the entire mask. If the surgical mask is worn inside out, the waterproof function is abandoned, and the difference with ordinary cotton masks is limited, and the use of surgical masks is meaningless.

The correct way to wear a disposable kids face mask is to open the folds of the mask before wearing it, fit it to the child's face, and then press the metal strip on both sides of the nose bridge tightly to make the upper end of the mask tightly adhere to the nose bridge, thus increasing the protective performance.

Do not wear a mask in two situations: if the child is already sick or showing unusual irritability or unusual quietness, it is best not to wear a mask to avoid difficulties in observing the child for parents and doctors.