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Personal protective equipment,  or "PPE", is ensemble equipment worn to protect professionals against hazards may cause injuries or illnesses in workplace. Disposable PPE is quick and efficient way to protect employees from hazards without wondering to pay for cleaning of any contaminated equipment.  Because their materials used are less expensive than the reusable ones, the cost of disposable equipment stands at a low market price.

JQ Care carries types of medical consumables, a full line of hand, head, facial, body protection, and some other disposable products used in the variant industries where require for a personal protection. Besides our listed products, we can also customize the products for your specific demand.  We are willing to develop new products and grow up with you!

PPE Disposable Kit Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do you need to change your examination gloves?

    Examination gloves play an important role in the medical facilities. The use of medical gloves reduces the risk of contamination and potential transmission in an established work environment. Gloves should be worn during the full patient care activities and in any possible contact with blood or bodily fluids. Substituting gloves regularly reduce any contamination or transmission. Our company has PPE gloves for sale, welcome to cantact us!

    According to the guide of the World Health Organization (WHO), disposable examination gloves should be changed in the following situations: When a glove is torn or punctured during the examination; between patients or after contact with blood or body fluids; shifts between clean and contaminated sites or touching environmental services.

  • How to choose PPE disposable kit in medical care?

    Wearing PPE is most effective when it meets the correct size, weight and height of its user. It is important to remark that PPE provided in the job should meet the regional regulations.

    Wearing gloves protect your hands from germs, reducing their spread.

    Masks cover your nose and mouth; their different style, filter and material makes the difference in level of protection. FFP2 surgical mask helps maintaining germs in your nose and mouth, and preventing them from spreading as you breath. The special respiratory mask (respirator) creates a tight seal around your nose and mouth that prevents you from inhaling small germs like tuberculosis or measles. All mentioned styles can use different thickness of ply and filters, the manufacturer normally prefer to use thicker ply and filters for respiratory mask than for surgical mask.

    Eye protection includes face shields and goggles. If contaminated fluids make contact with the eyes, germs in the fluid can enter the body through the mucous membranes.

    Appeal Clothing, head and shoe covers protect different parts of the body. These are often used during surgery to protect both, doctor and patient, and in general used to protect you when you work with bodily fluids. Visitors wear gowns when visiting a person who is in isolation due to an illness that can be easily spread.

  • Why is it necessary to wear PPE kit disposable in your workplace?

    "Protection" is the key word for Personal Protective Equipment. PPE is important because it reduces health and safety risks for its user, and it helps to prevent any physical harm, hazard or infection present in the workplace environment.

    Even do, if sometimes you feel fine after a day-work, the long-term exposure to chemical or other harmful fluid may have a negative effect on your body. Professionals should take advantage of the medical knowledge regarding the risk factors existence at the job and use PPE to safeguard their health and increase their well-being. Let us improve the daily work quality for the professionals.

    Wearing disposable PPE kit also gives a good impression to the people visiting your workplace and make you look professional to customers.

    Everybody has only one life, we should know how to protect it, for yourself and the ones who care about you!

Sequence for Donning PPE

The order of which you put on (donning) or remove (doffing) your personal protective equipment is essential for protecting yourself and preventing the spread of any possible contaminants or fluids. The following is the correct sequence for donning your PPE:

Gown or apron

Mask or respirator

Goggles or face shields


Sequence for Donning PPE

Keep in mind that the combination of PPE used, and the sequence for donning, will be determined by the precautions that need to be taken for each patient.

For an excellent guide on donning (putting on) and doffing (removing) PPE, consult the Infection Control Today website.

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