Procare Connectivity Limited.
Procare Connectivity Limited.

For facial protection, JQ Care offers custom protective masks and respirators for professionals and civil use.  According to medical professional use guideline, we have surgical face masks and respirators cover most of the facial protective requirements in medical settings. The respirators are also widely used in other industries, called as “Dust Mask”. All the JQ Care professional masks and respirators are manufactured in the ISO13485 standard factory, meet CE or FDA issued local regulations.

COVID-19 pandemic changed the people lifestyles, one of them is that people get used to wear face mask Personal Protective Equipment products in the daily life. Before this, most of our products are used for professional workplace, in these days people started to purchase masks or gloves directly from supermarket or pharmacy, provent personally from the transmission of the virus. JQ Care provides not only masks in traditional colors like blue, white, but also customize the mask with wholesale distributor in various colors, and motifs for the stylish individual.

JQ Care Protection Face Masks for Sale

The global massive consumption of disposable face masks caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has emerged as a blooming disaster to both land and sea environment that might last for many generations. To preserve the planet environment, JQ Care always seeks for new solutions to relieve the burden of mask trash.

One solution is reducing the mask used quantity, we propose reusable face mask made by cotton. In this way, we use less quantity of masks than if we choose disposable ones, and in addition, the cotton is a recyclable material, we can reduce the volume of plastic pollution by using reusable masks. On the other hand, we develop Polylactic acid (PLA) masks manufactured with partners instead of those masks made by fossil-based polymers, PLA is one of feasible bio-degradable materials. PLA Mask will be recycled depends on temperature, humidity, material composition, thickness of the layers which may vary and therefore influence the rate of degradation.

JQ Care cares about you, and also the planet we live!

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