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In any professional setting you will find multiple reasons to use PPE work gloves. Normally one glove may not serve well for all applications. To optimize performance with cost efficiency and access the appropriate level of infection or hazardous protection, you will need to match the kind of glove to your intended activity.

JQ Care provides a comprehensive range of protective disposable gloves - clear Vinyl, stretch vinyl, nitrile, synthetic and latex gloves with various levels of protection. You can rely on the quality of our gloves that comply with all relevant industry standards. We divide our hand disposable gloves by medical or industrial grade following the user specific working environment.

Our medical grade gloves include PPE surgical gloves and examination gloves. Clear Vinyl, stretch vinyl, nitrile, synthetic and latex gloves can be applied in medical examination and industrial area use. We provide latex gloves mainly for medical examination and surgical use.

The user's comfort is our top priority, we are here to help you find the right material and size every time!

What Are PPE Gloves Used For?

PPE Disposable gloves should be changed for a short time use, universally considered as a tool for maintaining hygienic conditions, ensuring the security of patients and caregivers, and safeguarding against infections. Every professional should wear gloves when she or he may be expososed to blood, body fluids, secretions or excretions and when handling contaminated equipment.

What Are PPE Gloves Used For?

The use of disposable hospital gloves minimizes the possibility of infection, pathogens, and other external factors in medical care industries. These safety gloves protect both the individuals who use them as well as the patient. Disposable gloves are also widely used  in industrial area, for example, food processing, electronics, automotive part and other precise instruments manufacturing, avoiding the contamination of dusts or any other hazards and therefore help to keep the finished product high quality.

Furthermore, disposable gloves can be daily used in household purposes for cleaning and dishwashing. Under the threat of CONVID-19, there is a rise in concerns for safety, hygiene, and contamination for everyone. Therefore, the demand for disposable hand sleeves is growing since the year 2020.

The Differences Between Vinyl, Nitrile And Latex Gloves

How do we select PPE gloves? Although vinyl, nitrile, and latex gloves are all considered of medical and industrial grade, but each type of gloves has its own features. If you are new user in the industry, we compiled a helpful guide for you to choose the most convenient gloves.

  • Vinyl gloves

    Vinyl gloves

    Vinyl gloves are made of a synthetic polymer derived from petroleum. The strengths of the glove are latex free, resistant to oil, fats and grease,  low-priced compared to the market price of nitrile and latex gloves.   The disavantage is that the manufacturing process make it hard and rigid.

    Due to the properities of stretch vinyl gloves,  they are recommended to use in non-hazardous and low-infection environments.

  • Latex glove

    Latex glove

    Latex gloves are made of natural rubber. They have excellent elasticity,   are easy to wear,  great form fitting, and eco-friendly. The disadvantages are that they may have small odours from the production process, and may cause allergies for some people.

    With high levels of flexibility, protection, and comfort, disposable latex gloves are suitable for most medical environments and some precisive assembling industries.  They are somewhat less resistant than synthetic glove materials to puncture and extended chemical exposure. Know more about latex gloves wholesale prices, welcome to contact us!

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