Procare Connectivity Limited.
Procare Connectivity Limited.
According to the requirements of daily tasks at workplace, JQ Care offers comprehensive solution, from head to feet, covers multiple disposable Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)products, they are designed to enhance your using experiences, ensure a comfort fit and precise protection. Chose a right product is finding out a balance with economical cost and qualified protection. We are here to listen your needs, and discuss with you how to find the right product for a particular circumstance.

JQ Care provides different solution regarding different industry features. From medical care to manufacturing facility, our products help you to enhance your productivity, and prevent personal contact from contamination and chemical hazards at the same time. We always care about the health of each professional.
Personal Protective Gloves

Count on JQ Care to handle the quality management for the orders. The Quality Control team is composed skilled experts of each specific product. According to the demand of customers, whether it is medical or industrial or civil used standards, the Quality Control team will work closely with the customer, and assure high quality by the following processes:

☆  Purchase raw material from reliable suppliers

☆  Control strictly the workflow of production

☆  Verify and select the products before packaging with your requirements

☆  Evaluate product go through the equipped testing system

Hand Gloves For Protection
Hand Gloves For Protection
Hand Gloves For Protection
Hand Gloves For Protection
  • Purchase Raw Material from Reliable Supplier
  • Control Strictly the Production Workflow
  • Check out and Select the Products Before Packaging with Your Requirements
  • Finished Product Go Through the Equipped Testing System
JQ Care PPE Products

With 15 years professional experiences in Medical consumable and disposable PPE kit products industry, JQ Care continues to strengthen the cooperation with many importers and distributors all over the world, actively to develop product with new materials integrating the sustainable principles. Our daily motivation are innovation, quality and sustainability.

JQ care works together with you, protects your professionals.

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