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Following the cost-efficiency theory, people find always new alternative product to reduce the cost. For this reason, polyethylene (PE) family products are discovered in the latest decades.

Polyethylene gloves are JQ Care disposable glove range's most economical gloves. They are perfect for light tasks that require frequent changes area. Polyethylene has a excellent chemical stability, the glove in it is made by cutting and heat-sealing the film. The glove has a loose fit design for easy donning, is especially useful in food service and processing lines, beauty/hair salon, general housekeeping, pet care and many other high volume applications. Our PE Gloves are available in high density (HDPE), low density (LDPE), cast poly (CPE), and thermoplastic elastomers - TPE glove.

All PE gloves are 100% Phthalate, Latex and Silicone Free, therefore you are safe to wear them, and no latex allergies risks.

What Are the Differences Between HDPE, LDPE, CPE and TPE Gloves?

HDPE glove is harder and thinner than LDPE glove, used for the places where require the lowest costs, like use at petrol station or counter at restaurant,hotel,department store.

LDPE is a more flexible, less rigid than HDPE, therefore good for gloves which require a greater sensitivity and softer welds, as for example in the food, cosmetology industry.

CPE gloves are developed from PE Gloves, have a stronger and deeper embossing surface, to meet customer requirements for higher sensitivity and better grip. They are very durable and strong, tend to weigh more in grams than HDPE,LDPE and TPE gloves, which makes them perfect for various applications from hospitals to home. They are an excellent choice for cost effective basic barrier protection in healthcare, nursing, and general care sectors.

TPE gloves are made of thermoplastic elastomers, polymers that can be molded more than once when heated. Thermoplastic elastomers have the similar elasticity as rubber. TPE gloves are more smooth, have much better tensile and elongation than CPE gloves and any other PE gloves. It is well-waterproofed, even can be approved by AQL1.5 test, some people try to use them to take place of Nitrile and PVC gloves in certain professional workplaces.

TPE material also has a soft touch, good puncture resistance, and no plasticizer. It is an eco-friendly and non-toxic material, which is widely used in daily necessities in contact with food or the human body. You can definitely use TPE glove in food processing, hotel, cleaning, beauty salons, agriculture, scientific laboratory , medical care or electronic assembling industry.

Certification Of PE Glove

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