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Scope of Application of Disposable Gloves

1. Disposable gloves used in the laboratory

The laboratory is full of various chemical reagents. If you are not careful, your hands may suffer, and even cause greater health risks. There are countless such tragic cases, which more or less have brought some troubles to the "experimenters". In the laboratory, although the damage caused by chemical reagents to the hands is impossible to prevent, if we wear disposable gloves and conduct scientific research, we can protect our hands without affecting the sensitivity and grip of the hands.

2. Disposable gloves are used to repair cars

The convenience that cars bring to people is unquestionable, but for auto mechanics who have to deal with cars frequently, their hands will inevitably be polluted by chemicals such as coolant, brake fluid, and lubricating oil, which not only looks black Yes, it is difficult to clean. If things go on like this, it will affect the health of the hands and may also cause certain harm to the body.

First of all, repairing a car will inevitably come into contact with some harmful chemicals, such as car coolant, brake fluid, lubricating oil, etc. Wearing gloves is equivalent to adding a protective barrier to the hands and reducing the chance of damage to the skin. Secondly, car repairs will inevitably make the hands "black", and it is not easy to wash them off. Gloves can keep hands clean and tidy to a certain extent. In addition, car maintenance needs to involve small parts, and wearing disposable gloves will hardly affect the sensitivity and grip of the hands.

It is recommended that they do not operate with bare hands, but wear disposable gloves with guaranteed quality before carrying out the operation, so that the oil pollution can be isolated from the hands with a certain probability, and the operation can be handy. Disposable gloves provide auto mechanics with a good wearing experience and protect their hands, which is why many auto mechanics prefer to wear disposable gloves.

3. Disposable gloves used in tattoos

Many people will marvel at the various tattoo patterns, but they may ignore the silent efforts of the creators behind them—the tattoo artists. In order to outline ingenious tattoos, they often use different coloring materials. If the protection is neglected, it will be easier to contaminate the colorant on the hands, which will not only affect the cleanliness of their hands, but also affect people's tattoo experience. Considering the professional specificity of the tattoo artist, it is recommended to wear disposable gloves when working. This is equivalent to an extra protective barrier: on the one hand, it can protect their hands from being easily "corroded" by the coloring material; on the other hand, it can also look more cool and professional.