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Introduction and Misunderstandings of Disposable Gloves

1. What are disposable gloves?

In some industries with high glove replacement frequency, it is usually recommended to use disposable gloves, which can not only avoid cross-infection, but also greatly save replacement costs, such as medical industry, laboratory, food processing industry and other industries with relatively high hygiene requirements. Disposable gloves are labor protection products commonly used for arm safety protection and disease prevention. Wearing disposable gloves can protect the body and arms from dust, oil stains, chemicals and other pollutants. At the same time, it can also have an excellent barrier effect to prevent mutual contamination, transmission of viruses and bacteria during bare-handed work. It is widely used in fields with high hygienic requirements such as diagnosis and treatment, laboratories, and food industry. Disposable gloves are generally divided into plastic disposable gloves, natural latex disposable gloves, and nitrile rubber disposable gloves according to different materials.

2. The cognitive misunderstanding of disposable gloves

Cognitive misunderstanding 1: Putting on gloves can make everything worry-free

Although disposable gloves are good helpers in our life and work, they cannot cover everything. For example: Latex gloves have excellent elasticity, are comfortable to wear, and can be used in many occasions, but they are only suitable for anti-splash in the laboratory and cannot be used as "chemical-resistant gloves". The same is true for gloves made of other materials. Although they have many advantages, they also have their shortcomings. Therefore, before we use gloves, we must know its contraindications, so as to maximize its benefits.

Cognitive misunderstanding 2: After wearing gloves, you can not wash your hands

Wearing gloves is not a substitute for hand washing. This is because the standard allows for a certain amount of defective gloves, such as gloves with pinholes. If the gloves you use happen to have pinholes, some harmful substances in the environment may take advantage of them and attach to your hands; another situation is the growth of bacteria. After wearing gloves, the hands are in a warm and airtight state. After a long time, the bacteria on the hands will increase with time and body fluids; in addition, the hands are easy to touch the gloves during the process of taking off the gloves Contaminants on the surface, so hands need to be cleaned in time after taking off gloves.

Cognitive misunderstanding 3: Disposable gloves can be reused

Because the used disposable gloves may become thinner, brittle or even have tiny "holes" that cannot be observed, which makes the gloves lose their original protective ability, so it is not recommended to reuse disposable gloves.