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The Function of Disposable Kids Face Masks for Medical Use

The resistance of children is relatively weak, especially the respiratory system, which is extremely susceptible to infections, particularly in cities with poor air quality. With the outbreak of COVID-19, parents are even more concerned, and wearing masks has become a necessary item in daily life.

Understanding of medical disposable kids face mask

Medical disposable kids face masks are disposable masks designed and manufactured for children. Disposable masks are made with three or more layers of non-woven fabric. The nose bridge is made of eco-friendly plastic strips or metal, which is breathable and comfortable, especially suitable for electronic factories and daily use. Medical disposable kids face masks can prevent respiratory infections to some extent, but cannot prevent haze. When purchasing, pay attention to choose masks that clearly indicate "medical surgical mask" on the packaging. Everything has two sides, and disposable masks are no exception. While they have advantages, they also have some shortcomings.

Medical disposable kids face masks have very good air permeability, can filter out toxic gases, can keep warm, can absorb water, have elasticity, good feel, and are relatively soft. Compared with other masks, medical disposable kids face masks are lighter in texture, elastic, can be restored after stretching, and have lower prices, making them suitable for mass production. However, disposable masks cannot be washed like other fabric masks.

The effectiveness of medical disposable kids face masks

Medical disposable kids face masks have the function of preventing inhalable particles from entering the respiratory tract, which can ensure the health of the human respiratory tract. Disease-causing bacteria in the air flow in the direction of the smallest resistance, so when they encounter masks with higher resistance, they will go around the masks, making the respiratory tract safe. However, when the shape of the mask does not tightly fit the face, bacteria can enter through the gap and enter the lungs through respiration, affecting health. Nowadays, most masks are arched, which not only ensures a tight fit with the face but also provides some space for the nose and mouth, making wearing comfortable.

Medical disposable kids face masks should not be worn for too long. Wearing masks for a long time can cause the nasal mucosa to lose its function, so masks should not be worn for an extended period. They are only suitable for use in special environments, such as in places where the air is not circulating or where there are many people. They are also suitable for wearing in cold or low air quality conditions. Regular cleaning of masks is required, as there are many accumulations on the outside, and the inner layer contains bacteria exhaled. Therefore, masks should be replaced regularly to ensure the basic health of the human body.