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Disposable Nitrile Gloves Are Helpful Tools in Daily life

In many daily situations, people need to wear disposable nitrile gloves. Good hygiene habits in daily life are essential for caring for hands and overall health. They are essential in home cleaning, washing, sweeping, gardening, flower care, and food industry, among others.

Extra long disposable nitrile gloves in daily life

  • For household cleaning, moisture-proof and oil-resistant, caring for hands. Extra long disposable nitrile gloves have excellent moisture absorption and breathability, are not easy to deform, and are oil-resistant and corrosion-resistant, keeping hands free from oil stains and preventing direct contact with daily chemical products. They protect hands while cleaning.

  • For restaurant and kitchen operations, the gloves are smooth, comfortable, and easy to operate. Extra long disposable nitrile gloves are soft, stretchable, and not easily torn, making them easier to operate. They are suitable for daily food industry use, cleaning fresh fruits and vegetables, and daily cleaning.

  • They can be in direct contact with food without toxicity or odor. Extra long disposable nitrile gloves are powder-free, non-toxic, and odorless, in line with national industry standards. They can be used in the food industry and come in direct contact with processed food.

  • They are non-sticky, non-smoky, and protect against oil stains. Extra long disposable nitrile gloves come in a suitable thickness and conform to the arm, making it easy to cook delicious food. They are suitable for use with food oils and can be used when it is inconvenient to wash and disinfect hands before meals. They are non-sticky and non-smoky, convenient for hygienic disposal.

The shelf life of extra long disposable nitrile gloves

Apparently, everything has an expiration date, be it milk, masks, or cosmetics. Gloves are no exception. The shelf life of gloves refers to the period during which a glove can function normally. Although this period varies, it is generally evaluated based on relevant standards and the tensile strength and elongation rate of gloves before and after aging testing.

Gloves within their shelf life also need to follow the product storage rules. They should be kept away from direct sunlight and stored in a damp and hot environment below 38 degrees Celsius to prevent deterioration. People also wonder whether expired gloves can be used. Of course not. Expired extra long disposable nitrile gloves may exhibit aging, such as weakened tensile strength and elongation rates, which affects their protective capabilities. Gloves should be stored properly to be useful in your work and daily life.